Of the National Technology

Geographical technology transfer Inc

Pennsylvania State University

Ralph C. Hanke

Bowling Green State University - College of Business Administration

Daniel Trotzer

Outcast Media Inc.

The conversion of university research into economic growth is vital for the future of many nations. In order to improve the efficiency of this transfer, we have looked at the effectiveness of technology transfer activity in the USA. Our research indicates that universities that are not located in a region with a supportive innovation system should modify their mission and methods for technology transfer. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, the authors develop an overview of the problem and recommend three new strategies for effective technology transfer including the application of regional dynamic knowledge networks.

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Because of our ancestral cultural backgrounds are POC more likely to have a mistrust of technology?
Is it different for different POC cultural or geographical groups?
Do POC feel that we need to embrace technology completely and find ways to compete in the technologically advanced world that has been created.
Are white people more likely to trust technology as the answer to present and future problems than POC?

You are confusing technology making people's

by son0fyah

LIVES better
with technology making PEOPLE better
MAN still does the same stupid stuff he did when he lived in caves...he still hates, he still is violent, he still murders, he still rapes, he still envies...the only difference now is technology allows him to do his dirt quicker, more efficiently, and over a wider geographical area

Springer Berlin Heidelberg Remote Sensing of the Environment and Radiation Transfer
eBooks (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)

Solar study: U of M students seek state's sunniest places  — Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews
The students are using geographic information systems technology and Lidar data, which is 3D aerial imaging of the Earth's surface, gathered by aircraft with laser-based technology, the students note in a 10-minute video that explains the project (below).

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