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Geographic Information Systems

Careers related to digital mapping and land surveys have developed into the fast-growing employment sector of geographic information systems (GIS). The core of GIS is the global positioning system which gives GIS technicians a variety of information allowing them to manipulate data based on a series of "what if" scenarios. Data from demographic information as population statistics, street addresses, phone numbers and land characteristics can be entered into a GIS database and extracted in the form of digital maps to identify land development patterns, market analyses, crime statistics maps, and a host of other digital reports.

Employers including governmental agencies, engineering and design firms, and environmental firms employ professionals with GIS expertise. National projections indicate that need for trained professionals is increasing. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site doesn't provide specific information on GIS technicians, related listings as surveyors, cartographers, and surveying technicians who use GIS Technologies note that employment in such fields is expected to increase 10 to 20 percent through 2010.

If you're considering entering the field of GIS, there is no better place to begin than with the academic preparation Lansing Community College provides within the Geographic Information Systems/Geospatial Technologies Program. This applied science associate degree program gives students a dynamic package of course offerings from the basic principles of GIS, global positioning systems and technical writing to landscape ecology, environmental resource management and landforms and soil system. Classroom lectures coupled with the critical practical training on industry-standard software and computer hardware make the LCC program one of the best in the region. Many of our program students are hired before completing the program.

Courses are offered throughout the year. Many are offered evenings as well as days to accommodate your schedule. Spring semester begins in January, summer semester begins in June and fall classes begin in August.

We want you in our classroom next semester. If you need direction on how to begin at LCC, let us know what's on your mind and what you need to get started. We've got a place waiting for you in the classroom that can lead you to a great career start. For specific information about our Geographic Information Systems Program, contact us online today.

Still a lack of integrity

by kenguy119

I know using facts is so hard for you.
But anyone can make the statement you posted and put it on a blog.
The sad part is that you find such a statement relevant. You can NOT post facts that show:
- the globe is cooling
- the IPCC is involved in fraud
The quote is, as usual, not in context. Demonstrating that it is quite likely cherry picked and misinterpreted.
The focus of the article named has nothing to do what stated.
The abstract from the article is:
This is the first of a series of three biennial reviews of research on the subject of climate change

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Solar study: U of M students seek state's sunniest places  — Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews
The students are using geographic information systems technology and Lidar data, which is 3D aerial imaging of the Earth's surface, gathered by aircraft with laser-based technology, the students note in a 10-minute video that explains the project (below).

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Popular Q&A

What GIS tools and technologies does Google use to develop and maintain their Geographic Services (such as Google Maps)? - Quora

I believe their data is managed with proprietary systems. Google Earth was the genesis of their mapping domination and that was bought from Keyhole, which was originally CIA funded. There may have initially been some desire to not use external GIS software at Keyhole.
I couldn't say for sure that this is how the data for Google Maps is managed, but it seems likely.

What is a geographical map?

a map of natural, physical land features

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