Geographic Information Systems and satellite technology

Geospatial Technology involves GPS (global positioning systems), (geographical information systems), and RS (remote sensing). This technology offers a radically different way in which we produce and use maps required to manage our communities and industries.

Today there are thousands of geospatial applications in use. Organizations, agencies and companies throughout the world are using the technology to transform manually produced maps and associated descriptive records into powerful digital databases. Once a tool that was affordable only to the largest organizations, geospatial systems have become a cost-effective option for even the smallest organizations.

Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC) provides high resolution satellite imagery and services for analysis and to support Geographic Information System (GIS) and other mapping and research .

Our company specializes in satellite imaging collections, producing seamless orthorectified imaging mosaics, and for many industries using CAD and GIS applications utilizing high, medium resolution mono and data.

Our imaging, Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and geodesy experts are experienced in extracting, manipulating and supplementing satellite images and imaging data. These projects provide invaluable information to a broad spectrum of industries.

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National Geographic has series of shows

by mythbelieving

About this in Egypt:
They have mentioned that Egypt is not the only place that this technology is being used.
There have been articles about using this technology and source that have been published over the last 20 years at least.
For more information on, the source is:

Wetland Workshops for MS & HS Teachers

by DianeG

The U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska, NASA Ames Research Center, the U.S. Geological Survey’s Western Geographic Science Center in Menlo Park, California, and the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies of San Francisco State University are sponsoring a Free WETMAAP Workshop for Middle and High School Teachers.
The WETMAAP workshop will:
• Explore the changes in wetlands and changing habitats of the San Francisco Bay
• Introduce educators to wetland habitats, and functions and values
• Introduce educators and students to wetland mapping, aerial photography, satellite imagery, topographic maps, and GIS technology
• Assist educators with the integration of wetland issues, maps, and images into existing curriculum
• Promote public awareness of wetland change issu…

Springer Satellite Remote Sensing: A New Tool for Archaeology (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing)
Book (Springer)

Ligonier Borough complies with directional sign mandate  — Tribune-Review
Although Geographic Information Systems mapping of the borough pinpoints all directional signs, it does not include all data needed to comply with the program. “They want to see off-sets, heights, directions, locations, all kinds of stuff,” Faas said.

Artech House Publishers The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook (Artech House Space Technology and Applications)
Book (Artech House Publishers)
Maker Media, Inc DIY Satellite Platforms: Building a Space-Ready General Base Picosatellite for Any Mission
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Johns Hopkins University Press An Introduction to Satellite Image Interpretation
Book (Johns Hopkins University Press)
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For Dummies GPS For Dummies
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  • Recommended features for GPS receivers to be used in various types of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, geocaching, hunting, ATVing...
  • How to do digital mapping on your computer, including software packages you can use to work with aerial photos, topographic maps, and road maps
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  • The scoop on geocaching - a high-tech treasure hunt
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What is Geographic Information System?

A computer application used to store, view, and analyze geographical information, especially maps.

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