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Bioinformatics Masters

Rapidly increasing knowledge of the molecular biology of the cell has led to bioinformatics, a new discipline that transforms traditional biology into an information science. The School of Engineering's Master of Science in Bioinformatics program prepares students to manage and study data from the explosion of information from next generation sequencing technologies. The program meets industry's demand for professionals with solid foundations in next generation sequence and pathway analysis.

Graduates from our master’s in bioinformatics program are well prepared to take advantage of the data explosion created by next generation sequencing technologies.

As a student in the program, you’ll be able to take advantage of our flexible curriculum and web-based training tools and instruction. You’ll get the fundamental background to manage and create analysis pipelines from next generation sequencing data .

The program will help you develop a depth of knowledge that comes from practical application of computational skills to solve and gain insight into biological problems. With the skills to apply your knowledge to analyze next generation sequence data, you will be prepared to take part in the personalized medicine revolution.

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Perhaps get a masters in bioinformatics

by marcodoug

I would say if you were in MA. Northeastern has a really good program in bioinformatics that is pretty workable around 9-5ers that can be completed pretty much in 2 years (its all course work).
But defiently go for it, pharma, biotech and academia all have lots of genes that need to be worked with and it will keep getting more complicated the more people figure out.

UCSC vs. SCU for Masters in Computer Engineering

by RomanaMentalis

Hi there - quick question if I may request your feedback. I am very new to the Bay Area and I am considering getting a Master's in Computer Engineering. I am especially interested in bioinformatics - not to major in it, but I would like to take some classes in it and maybe do some research in this field.
Would you give me your opinion on which school in the Bay Area is best for bioinformatics. Stanford and Berkeley I'm afraid are out of my price range & skill level. I am looking more for a school along the lines of UC Santa Cruz or Santa Clara university.
Any advice/feedback/impressions that you can offer would be greatly appreciated

If you really had 3 masters

You Å) would write better B) would have a decent job C) have better analytical skills and be able to express yourself better.
You'd also know that there are many new degrees and there are also many "old" ones that prepare people for very good careers. Engineering, bioinformatics, and nanotechnology are just a few that come to mind. But I'm sure you didn't learn about these at UoP, DeVry or where ever you got thrown out of.
I'll continue to work with my students in new and exciting fields while you continue to post your ill informed nonsense.

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Popular Q&A

What are the top universities to learn bioinformatics at?

Well what would you like to specialize in? bioinformatics is quite a broad term so it is important to know where your interests lie. Also does location matter?
If not then I would recommend looking at previous igem participant university teams for a feel for teams around the world.

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