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Accessing databases from different geographical locations

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If you have some kind of Web application server running on Windows at your
ISP, and the database is on the same server, it will work because the Web
application is accessing the database locally, and the user is accessing the
Web page generated by the application.

The user's Web browser sees only ordinary html, and has no direct interaction
with the database, nor even need know whether such a thing exists.

Thanks, I realized that I needed to have the database open during my first
attempts at working with the FTP, but does that mean that Webpages also
won't work if the file is on an FTP server since it won't actually be
opening up the database? Or is it worth exploring that avenue to see if I
can access the data on the server from several remote locations?
"Steve Jorgensen" wrote in message . FTP client software is set up to look and act like a filesystem from the
user interface point of view. It is not a filesystem, however. FTP is merely
a protocol for transferring files, but Access requires you to have the file
open for reading/writing at random positions in the file, lock portions of the
file, so other users know it's in use, etc. None of this is remotely
possible using FTP.

If you want a shared database accessible from the Internet, you either

need an actual filesystem connection such as you could get through RRAS (which
won't perform well at all), or you need a server database, such as MS SQL
Server, MySQL, or PstgreSQL. Most ISPs can at least offer you a MySQL instance
for a pretty low cost.
wrote: >Hi all,
I hope someone can help me. I've recently created a database and wantedto >put it up on an ftp sight so that multiple people could access the same
tables at the same time from different geographical locations. I havebeen >completely unsucessful in acheiving this goal so far however.
Things I have tried:
Create a shortcut to ftp sight via browser then tried to map local driveto >remote folder. - Won't work, when I get to the mapping screen and Iselect >the folder it won't let the "OK" button become useable.
Created a page from within Access to pull just a tables worth on
information. I then uploaded the page to the FTP sight and triedaccessing >it that way but the local computer says that the safety settings on this
computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain. I've tried
added that sight to trusted sights, disabling all firewalls and still I'm
unable to get the page to show up.
Can anyone please offer me any suggestions on something to try? I'm just
trying to access data from a central database. Not very different from
replication really except that I'm trying to do it on the web.
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