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Historical Geographical Information System

A GIS or Geographic Information System combines software, hardware and information for analyzing, managing and capturing all geographical forms to display as reference information. The acronym GIS is also used for Geospatial Information Studies that refers to the academic study or discipline that works along with geographical information system. In the layman’s terms, GIS means the incorporation of statistical analysis, cartography and the database technology. It has the power to relate information from many different sources and incorporate it into one database software.

The history of GIS development started primarily in 1832 spearheaded by the French geographer Charles Picquet when he applied spatial analysis in epidemiology. Starting from there, John Snow used the method possibly meant as the earliest use of geographical method when he depicted a cholera outbreak in 1854. The advancements in technology that has been recorded as the history of GIS development made the present GIS as it is today. In the 20th century, the printing of geographic locations were already made possible. However the images are not yet considered to be vital as there are no databases to link to them.

Canada then developed the first and really operational GIS. It was called Canada Geographical Information System or CGIS and was being used in 1960 to save, manipulate and study the data gathered for Canada Land Inventory. It has been an improvement from the computer mapping software because it gives researchers the ability to scan, overlay and measure geographical places. The CGIS lasted up to the 90′s but was never marketed as a product.

By early 1980′s a team of different companies surfaced as GIS software sellers as they have successfully combined the CGIS features with their upgraded development into it. By the end of the 20th century, the growth of GIS platform and systems has been rapidly spread that many users are already viewing GIS data using the internet. Right now, there are available customized platforms of GIS that performs many different tasks making mapping applications and geospatial data are already available in the internet.

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Cambridge University Press Historical GIS: Technologies, Methodologies, and Scholarship (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)
Book (Cambridge University Press)
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Ligonier Borough complies with directional sign mandate  — Tribune-Review
Although Geographic Information Systems mapping of the borough pinpoints all directional signs, it does not include all data needed to comply with the program. “They want to see off-sets, heights, directions, locations, all kinds of stuff,” Faas said.

New Chapter Press The Day They Gave Babies Away
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Springer Mapping Antarctica: A Five Hundred Year Record of Discovery (Springer Praxis Books)
Book (Springer)
Dwelling places and social spaces: revealing the environments of urban workers in Victoria using historical GIS.(geographical information system)(Essay): An article from: Labour/Le Travail
Book (Canadian Committee on Labour History)
Globe Pequot Press Connecticut: Mapping the Nutmeg State through History: Rare And Unusual Maps From The Library Of Congress (Mapping the States through History)
Book (Globe Pequot Press)
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Popular Q&A

Where does the best college with a degree of Geographical Information Systems in the state of Texas?

Texas State University located in San Macros has been consistently billed as having the top Geography dept in the state. ChaCha!

How many years to get a GIS(Geographic Information System) degree?

And how much math is required for this degree? Good colleges, universities for it?

It depends on the school, if it is a Bachelor's program then 4 years and if it is a Masters then a minimum of 5-6 years. The best schools are those with strong geography programs such as Penn State. Not much math is required for the actual degree, most universities classify GIS as a science. Strong computer skills are required: database, programming, analysis are all important. GIS, simply put, is the bringing to life of databases and tables in a spatial mapping format.

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