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California Counties and Metropolitan Areas: FIPS Numbers
The maps and charts show Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), Metropolitan Divisions (MD), and County boundaries. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Codes are included for each.

California's Green Economy
LMID conducted a survey to estimate the number of green jobs and green business practices. These maps provide visuals of some of the data reported in the California's Green Economy Summary of Survey Results. Distribution of Green Employment, Green Jobs by Economic Strategy Panel Region, Industries with Green Jobs.

City of Los Angeles City Council Districts
The maps and charts show three years of employment data in construction and arts, entertainment, and recreation for the Los Angeles City Council Districts.

Employment Potentially Affected by Rise in Sea Level: Mississippi Coast
The maps and charts show business establishments that could be affected if the ocean rises along the Mississippi coast. Potential flooding is shown at six different inundation levels. A chart is included showing the amount of workers that could be affected at each inundation level. This project was conducted for the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the State of Mississippi Department of Employment Security. The data resulting from the analysis will be used in further analysis and mapping by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Goods Producing Industry Employment by Congressional District
The map and charts show the distribution of employment in Goods Producing Industries (Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting; Mining; Construction; and Manufacturing) by Congressional District.

Labor Market Risks of a Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake in Alameda County
The Labor Market Information Division (LMID) participated in a study of the labor market risks of a large earthquake on the Hayward Fault. LMID worked with BLS and the California Geological Survey. The results of our analysis were published in a, December 2007.

Potential Effect on California Business Establishments of the Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake in Baja California, Mexico, April 4, 2010
The map and analysis show the potential impact of the Baja California earthquake on the nearby California business establishments.

The fire map and analysis show the potential economic impact of the Southern California Fires in October 2007. The map and an article were published online in November 2007 and linked to from a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publication about the wildfires. The map and analysis done by the GIS team assisted the Area Services Group (ASG) staff in producing their 2007 Fire Report. We obtained fire perimeter files from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web site to analyze fourth quarter 2006 QCEW files for potential impact of establishments, employment, and wages caused by the fires.

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by overworked

In the past few months we’ve hired a GIS Specialist (Geographic Information Systems – i.e. Maps-n-stuff) who’s in his upper 40’s. And a project manger. And although gentlemen don’t ask I’d guess she’s in her low 50’s (or had a very hard or exciting life thus far). I’m in my 40’s and was hired here last spring.

Yale University Press The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation: New Edition
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Ligonier Borough complies with directional sign mandate  — Tribune-Review
Although Geographic Information Systems mapping of the borough pinpoints all directional signs, it does not include all data needed to comply with the program. “They want to see off-sets, heights, directions, locations, all kinds of stuff,” Faas said.

IGI Global Integrating Geographic Information Systems into Library Services: A Guide for Academic Libraries
Book (IGI Global)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
Institute For Career Research Careers in Geographic Information Systems (GSI) (Careers Ebooks)
eBooks (Institute For Career Research)
Esri Pr ESRI Map Book: Applications of Geographic Information Systems (v. 15)
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Esri Press Mapping the Nation: Supporting Decisions that Govern a Nation
Book (Esri Press)
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