Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems Job Description

Geographic information systems (GIS) are computerised systems used for the collection, storage, analysis, manipulation and presentation of complex geographical information. Previously, this would have been a combination of electronic versions of traditional paper maps and social and economic data.

GIS systems are employed by most sectors of government and commerce and a geographical information systems officer may work for a wide range of employers. Roles can vary but all GIS officers are involved in the production of maps and the analysis of data. They use this to help plan, protect and deliver services or products in areas such as defence, construction, oil, gas, water, telecoms, electricity, the environment, healthcare, transport planning and operation, retail location planning and logistics, insurance and finance.

GIS technology allows many different forms of data (such as the location of rivers and roads, or information about soil or vegetation, or about people) to be overlaid on top of each other on one map. The data can be manipulated so that all the sources have the same scales, allowing complex readings to be taken from the map. This enables people to analyse patterns and better understand relationships between things and the implications of proposed developments and changes.

With such a wide range of possible roles available in the public, private and third sectors, there is even the potential to combine a career in GIS with other interests or passions. As the world becomes more mobile, the rise of applications utilising GPS (global positioning systems), such as geotagging photographs and augmented reality, could lead to new uses for GIS and opportunities in the field.

Typical work activities


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Geographic Information Systems Internship Course (with CD-ROM 1) (Paperback)
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New Esri Book Proposes Changes to US Land Records System  — Amerisurv
The book considers institutional land record trends and the latest technical developments of location-oriented land data systems such as geographic and land information systems (GIS/LIS).

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