Geographic and Land Information Systems

A Land Information System (LIS) consists of an accurate, current and reliable land record cadastre and its associated attribute and spatial data that represent the legal boundaries of land tenure and provides a vital base layer capable of integration into other geographic systems or as a standalone solution that allows data stewards to retrieve, create, update, store, view, analyze and publish land information.

A land information system is a geographic information system for cadastral and land-use mapping, typically used by local governments.

Importance of Land Information System

1. Land parcel is the basic unit for access and control of land, land use decisions.

2. Current, reliable land information necessary for many public programs: land planning, infrastructure development and maintenance, environmental protection and resource management, emergency services, social service programs and so forth

3. LIS provides a base for land markets, development, and other economic activity.

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New Esri Book Proposes Changes to US Land Records System  — Amerisurv
The book considers institutional land record trends and the latest technical developments of location-oriented land data systems such as geographic and land information systems (GIS/LIS).

Montana Technical Writing GIS For Surveyors: A Land Surveyor's Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
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Esri Press Modernizing American Land Records: Order upon Chaos
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ESRI Press A Framework for Geodesign: Changing Geography by Design
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CRC Press GPS for Land Surveyors, Third Edition
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Popular Q&A

Who invented the geographic information system?

Dr. Robert Tomlinson

What is Geographic Information System?

A computer application used to store, view, and analyze geographical information, especially maps.

What is a sentence for geographic information systems?

I use the GIS to see different layers of the land.

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