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Bachelor Geographic Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science Geographic Information Systems teaches students to use and develop databases containing spatial data. American Sentinel’s GIS degree helps students learn to interpret and visualize spatial data to uncover patterns, trends and relationships.

The online GIS degree is ideal for problem-solvers who enjoy learning new technologies and applying them to business—especially those who like the idea of working with software that visualizes data, as opposed to simply reporting it in numbers and charts. Earning a bachelor’s degree online in GIS will prepare you to enter and/or move up in this rapidly growing field.

Course Highlights

Our rigorous curriculum covers a breadth of issues in GIS. Here are a few of the B.S. Geographic Information Systems degree program’s key GIS courses:

  • Introduction to Geodatabases (GIS215): Provides an introduction the geodatabase format and design data concepts. Also covers various data models that can be utilized for geodatabase design. Students create new personal geodatabases in which students learn to import and export existing datasets and also study real-world case studies that utilize geodatabase technology.
  • Environmental Modeling (GIS300): Introduces concepts from environmental modeling and physical geography and demonstrates the ways in which GIS can be utilized as a tool within these fields. Includes GIS techniques to model real-world phenomena and to solve environmental modeling challenges.
  • Senior GIS Capstone Project (GIS499): Integrates concepts and capabilities learned in previous GIS course work and applies them in a real-world setting. The course refines project development skills and the ability to acquire information and process technology in GIS and remote sensing.

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What is Geographic Information System?

A computer application used to store, view, and analyze geographical information, especially maps.

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