Geographic Information Systems

Algorithms for Geographic Information Systems

This tutorial survey brings together two lines of research and development whose interaction promises to have significant practical impact on the area of spatial information processing in the near future: geographic information systems (GIS) and geometric computation or, more particularly, geometric algorithms and spatial data structures. In nine uniformly structured and coherent chapters, the authors present a unique survey ranging from the history and basic characteristics to current issues of precision and robustness of geometric computing. This textbook is ideally suited for advanced courses on GIS and applied geometric algorithms. Research and design professionals active in the area will find it valuable as a state-of-the-art survey.

Content Level » Research

Keywords » GIS - Geoinformationssysteme - Text - algorithms - geographic data - geographic data processing - geographic information systems - geometric algorithms - geometric computations - spatial data structures

Related subjects » - Earth Sciences & Geography - Geographical Information Systems - Theoretical Computer Science

Table of contents

to geometric computing: From algorithms to software.- Voronoi methods in GIS.- Digital elevation models and TIN algorithms.- Visualization of TINs.- Generalization of spatial data: Principles and selected algorithms.- Spatial data structures: Concepts and design choices.- Space filling curves versus random walks.- External-memory algorithms with applications in GIS.- Precision and robustness in geometric computations.

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Popular Q&A

What is a sentence for geographic information systems?

I use the GIS to see different layers of the land.

What is Geographic Information System?

A computer application used to store, view, and analyze geographical information, especially maps.

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