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IAEG Commission No. 1—Engineering Geological Maps—is developing a guide to hazard maps. Scientists from 17 countries have participated. This paper is one of a series that presents the results of that work. It provides a general review of GIS landslide mapping techniques and basic concepts of landslide mapping. Three groups of maps are considered: maps of spatial incidence of landslides, maps of spatial–temporal incidence and forecasting of landslides and maps of assessment of the consequences of landslides. With the current era of powerful microcomputers and widespread use of GIS packages, large numbers of papers on the subject are becoming available, frequently founded on different basic concepts. In order to achieve a better understanding and comparison, the concepts proposed by Varnes (Landslide hazard zonation: a review of principles and practice, 1984) and Fell (Some landslide risk zoning schemes in use in Eastern Australua and their application 1992; Landslide risk assessment and acceptable risk. Can Geotech J 31:261–272, 1994) are taken as references. It is hoped this will also add to the international usefulness of these maps as tools for landslide prevention and mitigation. Six hundred and sixty one papers and books related to the topic are included in the references, many of which are reviewed in the text.

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Doyle Park...just up the street from my

by bikeriderdude

Office on Sonoma Avenue (towards Farmer's Lane).
Be great if you can bring a kid. We'll talk before then, but I'm pretty sure I can get my whole family to come.

7 Game of Thrones Apps That Will Get You Through the Much-awaited Winter  — Gizmodo India
.. or Winterfell, you get a dialog box, which asks you to buy more maps. Unfortunately, you can't dismiss the dialogue box, leading to the obstruction of the cartography. ..

Flagstaff's rocky lava field became a little piece of the moon  — azcentral
If American know-how could put a man on the moon, the man should bring back rocks to study. The government agreed, and in 1963, the .. Volcanoes were chosen because of the moon's volcanic history, the test site for its impact craters.

Germany gpsticker2
Mobile Application (Germany)
  • Map download manager
  • Import/export routes as Google Earth KML- and GPX-files.
  • Route calculation
  • Display of GPS data integrated into the map view
  • Search for hotels, restaurants and other pois
  • Reverse geocoder
  • Charts for elevation and velocity
  • Search for addresses
  • Display weather conditions
  • Route replay

Missing in Alaska without a trace  — Anchorage Daily News
The official version of events, according to a still active missing person's bulletin from the Alaska State Troopers is that Griffis went into the wild "to test out a survival 'cocoon' that he had invented.

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What is Geographic Information System?

A computer application used to store, view, and analyze geographical information, especially maps.

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