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Oracle Spatial International Geocoder

The Oracle Spatial Geocoding service queries address data stored in Oracle database tables to provide international address standardization, geocoding, and point-of-interest (POI) matching. The Geocoding service is supplied by a Java geocoder application engine, which uniquely supports the parsing of incomplete and unstructured addresses to provide great flexibility and convenience to customer applications.
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    Cannot login?

    Here are a few hints:
  • If the Geocoder is deployed in the Oracle WebLogic Server: The default user name is "weblogic".
  • If the Geocoder is deployed in a standalone OC4J: The user name is "oc4jadmin".
  • If Geocoder is deployed in a full Oracle Application Server: You must have created a security user in the OC4J instance where Geocoder is running, and mapped the security user to the Geocoder's built-in security role "gc_admin_role". Once you have completed these tasks through the Enterprise Manger website, you can then use that security user's name and password to log in as Geocoder administrator.
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    Information from the site

    Andrew Diamond Placemark Manager
    Mobile Application (Andrew Diamond)
    • Import and Export KML/KMZ
    • Create and preserve folders.
    • Easily use saved locations to quickly get driving routes to destinations using Google Maps, Waze, or any other preferred Navigation application.

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    Andrew Diamond My Ten Twenty
    Mobile Application (Andrew Diamond)
    • Adjust polling frequency to what you need.
    • Select online or offline reverse geocoding engine.
    • Completely free, and no ads!

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