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Reverse geocoding MapPoint

Excelente offline geocoding solution !

with google/microsoft services you can get this free

peace & serenity

I believe the author said he was looking for a local OFFLINE solution.
Even if you have a permanent connection, MapPoint has advantages over Google Maps. Google Maps has licensing restrictions. It is also throttled if you require a lot of lookups (which in my experience is very common).

Richard Marsden


True, its an offline solution, but you can do a local store of the geospatial info that Google Maps returns to you.
I recently had to put about 30k locations on a map for my business. I had addresses all over the world. So I simply wrote a little windows app which read the addresses from a SQL Server database, generated a google query which was fired off to google every two seconds. I then wrote the result (lat/long/accuracy) back to the record in the SQL Server database where it came from. If google returned "server is busy" I simply waited about a minute and retried. I kept successful lat/long/accuracy results in a little Dictionary keyed by the address, so if I already had the address I would just reuse the cache values instead of pounding on Google.
I let that run over a weekend and within about 15 hours or so I had all the data locally. So I turned that process into a service that runs once a day on new addresses in the database which have an accuracy less than, say 1 (country).
True that its only local-"ish" because I still need Google Maps itself online to get the actual map in my web page, but it works for me.
Decent article though, it gives me another option for an offline solution, and I can probably use the data I already have in my database to boot

Geezus. Could you write an article on that

I could but I'm too lazy to do all the article formatting and such
I've read enough articles and comments to know better than to just toss it up here without giving it the attention that putting something here deserves.
I did some googling and someone had written a small c# class which did a lot of the work to get the spatial coordinates from Google, I just enhanced it some to be able to do a reverse lookup (lat/long to address), added a function to be able to do the same from an IP address (using hostinfo to get the location then google to get the lat/long), and added the ability to set the proxy information to the WebClient if necessary, cause I needed to do that.
So other than sticking all of the pieces together for my personal usage I didn't do that much
If anyone's interested I'll post the code to the lookup class, but I don't want to go through all the work of posting an article with work I didn't 100% do myself.
I didn't invent the wheel, I just made it a bit rounder and put it on a cool car

This use of Google Maps is not allowed. Read the terms.

You could built a fast lookup database using your method and the GeoSpatial types in SqlServer 2008. That would be local and free!
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