The app goes beyond just

Reverse geocoding Android app

Here is a full example code using a Thread and a Handler to get the Geocoder answer without blocking the UI.

Geocoder call procedure, can be located in a Helper class

public static void getAddressFromLocation( final Location location, final Context context, final Handler handler) { Thread thread = new Thread { @Override public void run { Geocoder geocoder = new Geocoder(context, Locale.getDefault); String result = null; try { List

list = geocoder.getFromLocation( location.getLatitude, location.getLongitude, 1); if (list != null && list.size > 0) { Address address = list.get(0); // sending back first address line and locality result = address.getAddressLine(0) + ", " + address.getLocality; } } catch (IOException e) { Log.e(TAG, "Impossible to connect to Geocoder", e); } finally { Message msg = Message.obtain; msg.setTarget(handler); if (result != null) { msg.what = 1; Bundle bundle = new Bundle; bundle.putString("address", result); msg.setData(bundle); } else msg.what = 0; msg.sendToTarget; } } }; thread.start; }

Here is the call to this Geocoder procedure in your UI Activity:

getAddressFromLocation(mLastKownLocation, this, new GeocoderHandler);

And the handler to show the results in your UI:

private class GeocoderHandler extends Handler { @Override public void handleMessage(Message message) { String result; switch (message.what) { case 1: Bundle bundle = message.getData; result = bundle.getString("address"); break; default: result = null; } // replace by what you need to do myLabel.setText(result); } }

Don't forget to put the following permission in your

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