MapQuest geocoding API limit

Transaction limits among free map APIs have been a hot topic lately. MapQuest is excited to announce a change to our limits,which includes no preset limit on maps within our free Community Edition license! In addition,we are setting higher limits on our other service calls (the highest in the industry),with 5, 000 geocodes,5, 000 routes and 5, 000 search calls allowed per day.

In addition to our new transactional limits (or lack thereof!) we wanted to clarify where and how you can use our APIs with a Community Edition license. You CAN develop paid mobile applications for app stores using our Community Edition licenses. You can also use SSL.

For all the details,check out the following Map API Licensing and Terms Overview. Also check out the Terms of Use for all the legal specifics. I’ve included the handy chart available from the overview below. Head over to the MapQuest Developer Network to sign up for a free map API key and start developing!

** The Traffic API Web Service cannot be used for real-time navigation,in conjunction with in-car or stand alone portable navigation devices,or be used as the primary purpose of your website or application.

About the Author

@MapQuestRoman I am the product manager for MapQuest Platform Services,including our APIs,web services and the Developer Network. I've worked at MapQuest for almost 10 years. I'm a full fledged geonerd who is excited to be working on the next generation of mapping APIs.
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Popular Q&A

Using jquery ajax to call MapQuest Geocode api.

It's really because your json isn't really in a json string. You can't just pass a JSONObject into the url like that. You have to stringify it first. I had the same error as you did, and after I stringified it, then it worked. It won't work in IE7, so you have to use JSON2 to make it ie7 compatible: found here: json2

var key = <mykey>;
url: " ",
dataType: 'json',
type: 'POST',
data: {
key: decodeURIComponent(key),
json : JSON.stringify(
location: { "postalCode": "98765"}, options: { thumbMaps: false}
success: function(data) { log( data …

How to determine if address cannot be geocoded in JavaScript using MapQuest Map API

I have not tested this code, but according to MapQuest API, it would be something like this:

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