MapInfo geocode table

After doing a bit of work using MapInfo’s built-in Geocode routine I started getting curious about how the routine handles various special cases. After a bit of experimenting I thought I’d document what I found out.

Starting with the simplest case, a street with odd numbers (1-9) on the left, and even numbers (2-10) on the right. The red stars show where MapInfo geocodes house numbers 3 and 4:

So far so good – we can see that MapInfo has correctly determined that one side of our street corresponds to odd numbers and one to even, and it has correctly matched the address points to the corresponding side of the road. Let’s try a one sided road next:

MapInfo treats -9999 values in an address ranges table as “no address points”. This road segment is correctly handled by MapInfo, and house number 4 gets geocoded to the correct side of the road. Nothing unexpected so far, but now let’s split the street into two lanes, with odd numbers on one side and even on the other:

More or less what we want to see. I should point out that in all these tests I’ve left the default setting of insetting addresses 15% from the ends of the street, which explains why points 2/10 and 1/9 don’t fall right on the beginning and end of the road segments. I’m not sure why the points curve out and fall at varying distances to the road — but it’s close enough and I can live with that.

Just to see what happens, lets go back to one road segment with valid even numbers (2-10) on only one side, and try geocoding an odd number house (9):

MapInfo has geocoded the point right in the centre of the road segment. Not what we’d like, but at least the Find command returns a result of 11 (exact match, side of street undetermined) for this case and it’s possible to find and avoid these types of errors. What happens now if we mix odd and even numbers on the same road side?

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