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Google geocoding API blocked

Have searched for answers on this for 2 days now with very little luck.

I'm developing a Drupal 7 site which has a Geofield field being autopopulated from an address field using the Google Geocoder API, but as of a couple of days ago this stopped working:

Exception: Google API returned bad status.\nStatus: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT in geocoder_google (line 52 of /home/.../modules/geocoder/plugins/geocoder_handler/google.inc).

I can remove the proximity search filter that is sending too many requests to the Google API but I can't progress because I run into the above error every time I try to add a new record to the database (which just does one lookup to get a geocode from an address field but fails). Is there any way to unblock my site from Google's API or reset my usage? I've added an API key but to no avail. This was all working fine up until very recently, which I guess is when I unknowingly exceeded the usage limit.

I have limited API experience and am a Drupal/PHP beginner so please be gentle! Happy to provide more info, code, error messages etc if needed. Relevant Drupal 7 modules being used are OpenLayers, OpenLayers Proximity, Geofield, GeoPHP and Geocoder. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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