Geocoding multiple addresses Excel

Geocoding a list of addresses to their geographical position is referred to as batch geocoding, bulk geocoding, batch geo or batch mapping. Read here for more information about geocoding of a single address.

How does it work in detail?

Each address is geocoded. This can happen simultaneously / in parallel, or asynchronous address after address. This depends on the geocoding service or software performing the mapping.

How can bulk geocoding be used?

Normally it is more efficient to geocode multiple addresses in one batch. The output can be fed into an internal database, used to create maps (e.g. Google Maps or Bing maps) that show all addresses at once.

Batch geocoding - result showing multiple addresses on a map

Google batch geo coding service

The Google Maps API does not provide a special functionality for batch geocoding. So when using Google as geocoding service provider, each address has to be geocoded with the Google Maps Geocoding API separately.

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Probably Tiger Line

by navel

The US Census has a free database called TigerLine. It's not always accurate. I've worked with it and field surveyed some glaring anomalies.
Now, I'm not sure MapQuest and MSN Maps are derived from TigerLine, but chances are they are. I recall researching some commercial geocoding services that purportedly enhance the accuracy of TigerLine.
If you email me your address, I could check the TigerLine for the bay area and see if the anomaly you noticed correlates.
If you're in the Castro or UpperMarket, I could help you with a very accurate map. My maps are based on the San Franciso GIS Department's CAD maps.

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Accuracy and privacy aspects in free online reverse geocoding services.(Report): An article from: Cartography and Geographic Information Science
Book (Cartography and Geographic Information Society, Inc.)

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