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Geocoding for MKMapView

I have a subclass "Location" of NSManagedObject and this class conforms to MKAnnotation.

When I add a Location to a Map...the ReverseGeocoder starts. By clicking the pin I see in the callout View the address of the pin. So everything works fine.

Now my problem.

I am able to drag the pins. When I am finished dragging, than again the ReverseGeocoder starts to ask for location Data. But I still have the old address in the callout view, although the placemarks are updated in the Location object. After dragging again I can see the new address. (of course the new one isn't new anymore, because I dragged).

Here is my code for the dragging state:

- (void)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView annotationView:(MKAnnotationView *)annotationView didChangeDragState:(MKAnnotationViewDragState)newState fromOldState:(MKAnnotationViewDragState)oldState{ //if dragging ended if (newState == MKAnnotationViewDragStateNone && oldState == MKAnnotationViewDragStateEnding) { CLLocation *location = [[CLLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:annotationView.annotation.coordinate.latitude longitude:annotationView.annotation.coordinate.longitude]; [self geocodeLocation:location forAnnotation:annotationView.annotation]; [location release]; }

And the Code for my reverse geocoder delegate

- (void)reverseGeocoder:(MKReverseGeocoder*)geocoder didFindPlacemark:(MKPlacemark*)place { Location* theAnnotation = [self.map annotationForCoordinate:place.coordinate]; if (!theAnnotation) return; // Associate the placemark with the annotation. theAnnotation.city = [place locality]; theAnnotation.zipcode = [place postalCode]; theAnnotation.street = [place thoroughfare]; DEBUGLOG(@"Place: %@", place); // Add a More Info button to the annotation's view. MKPinAnnotationView* view = (MKPinAnnotationView*)[self.map viewForAnnotation:theAnnotation]; if (view) { DEBUGLOG(@"SUBTITLE: %@", theAnnotation.subtitle); view.leftCalloutAccessoryView = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeDetailDisclosure]; } }

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Help with geocoding

by aoompaloompa

Morning-I'm trying to plot a list of addresses on a map using yahoo's service for that. Problem is, the data requires it being in a specific form according to an excel template they've provided as an example.
Now i'd like to know ;
1. General advice on the proccess
2. A way for excel to 'intelligently' break up data into corresponding cells
The problem is my data looks like this:
B & B Real Estate
7525 Auburn Boulevard
Citrus Heights, CA 95610-2239
And needs to look like this: (| being cell lines)
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW | Washington | DC | 20500 |The White House

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