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Private Vatican Tours are extremely limited, this exclusive and private after-hours tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel begins after the Vatican Museums closes to the general public. Visiting the Vatican art galleries during the off-hours hours is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During this exclusive two-hour, you will explore its artistic and architectural treasures completely free of the crowds.

Vatican museums ! Private Vatican Tours The Vatican’s artistic magnificence culminates in the Sistine Chapel, which Pope John Paul II called “the Holy Spirit’s place of action”. It is here that cardinals have gathered throughout the centuries to hold conclave and elect a new pope during, perpetuating the line of succession from St. Peter.

The Sistine Chapel’s artistic immensity has become synonymous with the genius of Michelangelo. Within this theological sanctuary of the human being, the line of demarcation between faith and art seems almost invisible. Experience the thrill of stepping into this atmosphere of magic and mystery as only Popes and Cardinals have done! Imagine yourself holding the very keys that unlock the doors to the one of the world’s most celebrated treasures, enter and absorb the silence and ponder the possibility of taking pictures.

An English-speaking Vatican guide highly specialised in Italian Renaissance art will host your evening.

Private Vatican Tours

Why is this tour so exclusive?

- PRIVILEGED RELATIONSHIP WITH THE VATICAN. The Vatican receives thousands of requests for private visits and only a select are granted. We have had a special relationship with the Vatican for more than 30 years, which guarantees us privileged, exclusive access to accommodate private visits even with little prior notice.

- HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PRIVATE TOURS. Very few of our competitors obtain this level of exclusive access, as theirs is limited to the classical itinerary -a style completely different from ours- for which they are obliged to sell to a group of individual clients rather than privately.

- EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. We reserve the entire Sistine Chapel so your access is absolutely exclusive. With the exception of the Vatican security staff, you -our client and your family, friends and guests- will have the Sistine Chapel all to yourself! You will have the rare honor of contemplating Michelangelo’s masterpiece on your own.

- OUR HIGHLY QUALIFIED ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDES – all licensed and specially trained by the Vatican- will unveil the genuine hidden story of this spectacular space. These “Vaticanists” hold Master’s degrees in Art History, and above all, are storytellers who weave captivating tales to convey the history and artistic message of the museums to any type of listener, including children. No question is too off-beat and no detail too small to be ignored.

- A FULLFILLING EXPERIENCE. Enter the museum -only you, your guests, your guide and a Vatican guard. Inspect, look, enjoy and contemplate the details as you wonder without the push and shove of the crowd.

Your private after hours tour of the Vatican Museums will begin in the Museo Pio Clementino, home to the Pope’s collection of magnificent Greek and Roman statues, including the Apollo Belvedere and the Laoocon, the museum’s most famous and dramatic marbles. The Vatican Museums is the largest museum complex in the world with over 1400 rooms.

I loves me some maps, Taz

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... thanks for the post.
I've seen some of these before. Some are nice, others, meh, and some I'm going to need to research more because the sources seem a little sketchy.
I'm currently reading a book about maps called "On The Map." So far it's mostly been about early history of cartography. As far as readability, it's kind of like reading a newspaper (which makes sense as the author is a NY Times columnist), and it is informative, but a bit dry.

George Braziller The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican
Book (George Braziller)
  • Example Bullet Point 1
  • Example Bullet Point 2

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Flagstaff's rocky lava field became a little piece of the moon  — azcentral
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Franco Cosimo Panini (Acc) The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican (Salvatore Settis)
Book (Franco Cosimo Panini (Acc))

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Popular Q&A

How big is the Vatican museum in rome?

It is 4 separate museums and if you wanted to see everything in it it would take 4 years to do. It is very big. I have been twice and still haven't seen all of it.

How many number of pieces of art are in the vatican museum?

The number of art pieces in the museum is not disclosed. Pope Julius II founded the museums in the 16th century. ChaCha on!

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