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Early map of Vancouver Island, detail

These maps primarily span the dates 1846-1876. They show the development of the territory from the two founding colonies until after the province joined confederation. The collection also includes a few earlier maps collected by the Colonial Office in response to the San Juan dispute.

HBC map of Victoria BC, detail

The Hudson's Bay Company had the exclusive right to trade with First Nations in what is now British Columbia throughout most of the 19th century.

These 100 maps provide a graphic view of the development of the province from 1842 until the 1860s when the company’s trading in its two BC colonies declined. Most maps included are manuscripts which are hand drawn and coloured.

Victoria fire insurance plan detail

The fire insurance plans (FIPs) from 1885 to 1916 were created by Charles E. Goad and Company to assist insurance underwriters in determining fire insurance risk.

This digital collection, drawn from the BC Archives collection, contains all of the 1891 plans, the full set of 1903 plans (with revisions to 1909 indicated), and the surviving plans from 1911 (revised to 1913). The number of plans required expanded to cover the city grew from 31 in 1891 to over 170 in 1913.

Comiaken District map detail

Featured within the Victoria's Early History collection are a number of nineteenth century maps of historical significance.

I loves me some maps, Taz

by Sparky_The_Jayhawk

... thanks for the post.
I've seen some of these before. Some are nice, others, meh, and some I'm going to need to research more because the sources seem a little sketchy.
I'm currently reading a book about maps called "On The Map." So far it's mostly been about early history of cartography. As far as readability, it's kind of like reading a newspaper (which makes sense as the author is a NY Times columnist), and it is informative, but a bit dry.

The University of North Carolina Press The Geographic Revolution in Early America: Maps, Literacy, and National Identity (Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia)
Book (The University of North Carolina Press)
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Flagstaff's rocky lava field became a little piece of the moon  — azcentral
If American know-how could put a man on the moon, the man should bring back rocks to study. The government agreed, and in 1963, the .. Volcanoes were chosen because of the moon's volcanic history, the test site for its impact craters.

Mr. Jefferson makes a map
Book (Mouton & Co)

Missing in Alaska without a trace  — Anchorage Daily News
The official version of events, according to a still active missing person's bulletin from the Alaska State Troopers is that Griffis went into the wild "to test out a survival 'cocoon' that he had invented.

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What colleges or universities have graduate programs for Cartography

I doubt there are any undergraduate degrees in Cartography. What your looking for are geographic studies these are found at both large and small schools worldwide.

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