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The "Peters" world map projection

by Achernar

I'm reading "Flattening the Earth" by John Snyder, and it confirms something I've thought for a long time. So I'm doing my part to set the record straight.
In 1973 Arno Peters claimed to have invented a perfect map projection. In fact, he didn't create it, and it's not perfect.
The class of projections that Peters' falls into (cylindrical equal-area) had been known about and used for centuries, and the one he made specifically (cylindrical equal-area with standard latitude 45°) is identical to one made in 1885 by James Gall.
This projection is equal-area, yes, but it does not, as Peters claimed, preserve angles, shapes, or distances

Heritage Cartography Barnsley 1855 Map (Heritage Cartography Victorian Town Map Series)
Book (Heritage Cartography)

7 Game of Thrones Apps That Will Get You Through the Much-awaited Winter  — Gizmodo India
.. or Winterfell, you get a dialog box, which asks you to buy more maps. Unfortunately, you can't dismiss the dialogue box, leading to the obstruction of the cartography. ..

Flagstaff's rocky lava field became a little piece of the moon  — azcentral
If American know-how could put a man on the moon, the man should bring back rocks to study. The government agreed, and in 1963, the .. Volcanoes were chosen because of the moon's volcanic history, the test site for its impact craters.

Missing in Alaska without a trace  — Anchorage Daily News
The official version of events, according to a still active missing person's bulletin from the Alaska State Troopers is that Griffis went into the wild "to test out a survival 'cocoon' that he had invented.

Popular Q&A

What is the importance of a bias cartography map?

All maps, Cartography maps included are generally made best when without bias. The importance of bias however, would be to reflect on the past views of how people saw the world we see today. !

Types Of Mapping Aproaches (Cartography)?

I was asked to write a detailed account on the types on mapping approaches (analytic. holistic and communication) where do i start, this is for freshman cartography

I'm pretty ignorant about this area of cartography, but I did a Wikipedia search on "holistic cartography" and the link below is one that showed up in the search.

Borden Dent apparently was one of the early leaders in these aspects of cartography. Perhaps you can start your research with some of the reference links at the bottom of the page? They may give you a place to start your researches at the library.

Good luck.

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