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This application is a continuation of application Ser. No. 07/870, 940, filed on Apr. 20, 1992, now abandoned.


The present invention generally relates to a method for displaying graphic data by a designated map projection in a digital cartographic system for geographical information processing. More specifically, the present invention is directed to both of a system and a method for varying the displaying map projection by transforming a coordinate value of the graphic data into a desirable map projection.

A method for representing shapes, and ups and downs of a ground surface of the earth is so-called as a map projection (map projection transformations). As the necessary conditions of the map projection, there are such elements: 1 an actual distance being analogously represented on a map (equidistance); 2 an actual area being analogously displayed on a map (equivalence); and 3 an angle at a ground surface being correctly expressed on a map (equiangularity). Since a map drawn on paper is such a fact that a sphere is projected onto a plane, all of the above-described conditions cannot be simultaneously satisfied. To satisfy any of these conditions, a map is represented by a proper map projection, depending upon its usage.

The various sorts of map projections are described in detail in, for instance, Japanese publication entitled "Edition and Projection for Map" written by K. Kosaka, published by SANKAIDO publisher in 1982. In this publication, the calculations for projecting the coordinate systems expressed by longitude and latitude on a spherical surface onto the coordinate systems on a plane, are classified in accordance with shapes of projection surfaces and conditions of projection. There are employed a plane, a cylinder and a conic as the projection planes, whereas the above-described three conditions are handled as the projection conditions.

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The "Peters" world map projection

by Achernar

I'm reading "Flattening the Earth" by John Snyder, and it confirms something I've thought for a long time. So I'm doing my part to set the record straight.
In 1973 Arno Peters claimed to have invented a perfect map projection. In fact, he didn't create it, and it's not perfect.
The class of projections that Peters' falls into (cylindrical equal-area) had been known about and used for centuries, and the one he made specifically (cylindrical equal-area with standard latitude 45°) is identical to one made in 1885 by James Gall.
This projection is equal-area, yes, but it does not, as Peters claimed, preserve angles, shapes, or distances

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